The unique SCREENOR installation- and durability warranty is a warranty which we as the manufacturer grant the customer under following conditions: 

The warranty is granted to SCREENOR Premium Tempered Screen Protecting Glasses.

The warranty covers the successful installation, reliable attachment, scratching and breaking of the screen protector. As the product is made of glass, it may get broken of hardest hits while protecting the screen of the device. As compensation for this, we grant our customers this unique warranty under which the customer is entitled to a maximum of one replacement product in case of the unsuccessful installation or the shattering of the screen protector.

In order for the warranty to be valid, the installation instructions must be read prior to installation and followed carefully in installation.  

Should you fail to install the protecting glass successfully, or you face another problem that you think is covered by the warranty, please contact us by email at and let us know of the problem. Please also include a photo and your contact information. For the warranty handling we also require information on the place and date of purchase of the screen protector. 

The customer is entitled to a maximum of one warranty replacement per purchase, and the warranty is valid for 3 months from purchasing date. The warranty covers only the Screenor Premium Tempered Screen Protector and it does not cover any possible damage to the mobile device in any circumstances.