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Screenor Bumper – protective cover is a clear and stylish back cover which protects the phone against bumps, hits and scratches without hiding the design of the phone. The sides are manufactured of German elastic shock-absorbing UV-protected Desmopan TPU -speciality material and the clear back provides reliable protection against scratches.

The sides of the Screenor Bumper case are slightly bulky and higher than the phone for maximum protection of not only the sides but also the screen of the phone. The cover is a perfect match to the Screenor Tempered screen protector.

Screenor Bumper back cover is MIL-STD-810G tested, PETA -certified and a VEGAN Friendly -product.

Screenor Bumper covers are also available as iPhone Magsafe compatible alternatives.

Smart Wallet Case

SCREENOR Smart -cases are manufactured by hand of high quality materials. They are stylish, durable and practical for everyday use to provide protection to the phone and keep the most important cards and cash along. The case has three slots for your cards and a thin pocket for receipts or cash. The tray that holds the phone is manufactured of slightly flexible TPU -material which protects the edges of the phone.

SCREENOR Smart -cases are made of Eco leather which has been manufactured using environment friendly materials and without harmful substances. Eco leather is durable, soft and pleasant to hold, and like genuine leather, also the eco leather we use permeates air and moisture. The material has been REACH -tested to EU -standards for harmful chemicals.
SCREENOR Smart -cases are PETA certified and VEGAN friendly products.

Clever wallet case

Screenor Clever -cases are manufactured by hand of high quality eco -leather. They have been designed light, durable and practical for everyday protection against wearing and tearing of the phone. There is a slot for the most necessary card in the inside of the front panel.

The front panel of the case closes magnetically without separate clip. When opened, the case can be used as a phone stand so that it is easy to watch videos on screen hands free.

Equal to genuine leather, the eco leather we use is soft, durable and pleasant to handle. It breathes and is also permeable to moisture.

The materials have been REACH tested for EU standards of chemical safety.
Screenor Clever cases are PETA -certified and VEGAN Friendly.

Sustainable choice.