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SCREENOR screen protectors are always made of heat-treated tempered impact-resistant glass and specially hard-coated with the Screencoat nano method, which gives even more durable additional protection against scratches on the surface of the glass. It makes it easier to remove fingerprints and other dirt from the glass easily by wiping.

Screencoat nano-coating makes our glasses 11H durable, i.e. up to 3 x harder than traditional 9H basic protecting glass. The screen protector absorbs damaging force when a hit is directed to the screen. While protecting the phone, the screen protector may break or wear out from the hardest impacts, but if broken, it is easy to remove.

Screenor näytönsuojalasi antibacterial


Premium Tempered is our line of standard screen protectors. It is manufactured of tempered shockproof glass with Screencoat -nano surface coating. Premium Tempered is fully attached to the screen with static silicone which maximizes the sensitivity of the screen. Premium Tempered is compatible with all traditional and original cases and covers.
Silver edition model has the special Screencoat -nano coating which is antibacterial and rejects up to 99.9% of the common bacteria.
Packet contains illustrated assembly instructions, cleaning wipes and positioning stickers.

Full cover

Screenor Full Cover -screen protector is manufactured either straight or slightly curved depending on the design of the phone.
It provides optimal protection to the screen of the phone. It is more than 11 times stronger than standard glass and has the special Screencoat -nano coating.
Full Cover has a black rim on the edges and it attaches to the screen surface with special glue for the highest sensitivity. Full Cover -screen protector can be used with any Screenor covers or cases.
The packet contains illustrated assembling instructions, cleaning wipes, positioning stickers and a scrape card.



Screenor Privacy 360º keeps the contents of your phone screen safe from bystanders from 360º.
Screenor Privacy is manufactured of shockproof tempered glass and it has the special Screencoat -nano coating treatment which repels up to 99.9% of the common bacteria. Privacy attaches completely to the screen with special glue for highest sensitivity.
Screenor Privacy Screen Protectors can be used with any Screenor cases and covers.
Illustrated assembly instructions, cleaning wipes and positioning stickers are included in the packet.


Vizor+ camera lens cover protects the back camera lens against
wearing and tearing.

Vizor+ camera lens cover
does not affect photo quality.
It attaches by static silicone glue.
Vizor+ can be used together with any Screenor cases and covers and also all phone manufacturer’s own cases
and covers.
The packet contains illustrated instructions and cleaning wipes.



Scratch Protection

More efficient protection against scratches and hits

Screencoat -nano coating

Screencoat -nano coating makes Screenor glasses 11H strong and repels 99.9% of common bacteria

360 privacy protection

360° Privacy protection

Privacy 360’ - keeps your phone safe from bystanders from all 4 angles

Smooth touch

Effortless sensitivity of the screen

Smoother sensitivity

Perfect fitting

Perfect fitting

Optimal fitting of the protector with account to all holes, buttons and sensors relevant to the usage of the phone

Instructions inside

Illustrated instructions

Multilingual and illustrated instructions in the sales box