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GRATEQ charging

Wall Chargers

GRATEQ USB -Wall Chargers can be used for safe and efficient charging of any USB -chargeable devices.
In our wide GRATEQ -Wall Charger collection you will find the perfect alternative just for your needs. AJOS 12W (traditional USB-A), KALAX 20W (USB-C, best suitable for PD-charging), PUDAS 25W (Suitable for both PPS and PD-charging) and the most efficient VEHAS 35W with two intelligent USB-C charging ports for simultaneous charging of your phone and watch, for instance.
All the chargers are both CE and RoHS -certified and comply with the strictest manufacturing standards. To guarantee the continuous premium standards we have each production lot tested separately in Finland.


Charging and syncing cables

From GRATEQ cables you will find USB-A, USB-C as well as Lightning -cables in different lengths.
GRATEQ cables are manufactured of highest quality components and they are certified. All Lightning cables always come with MFI -heads which guarantee the flawless compatibility for both charging and syncing of your device.
Whether you need a more efficient cable or simply an extra one you will find the smartest choice in the GRATEQ -charging and syncing cables.


Wireless Magnetic Charger

GRATEQ Magnetic charger clicks into place and gives some extra mobility with its 1.5m long USB-C cable.

Magnetic charger is suitable for efficient QI -charging up to 15W so it can be used for the wireless charging of iPhone 8 or newer models, AirPods that come with wireless charging case and also all other QI-compatible phone models irrespective of the phone model.

The Wall Charging unit is sold separately. 

12/24V Car Chargers

GRATEQ USB car chargers 12/24V is designed with two smart 36W combined USB-C ports for fast charging of your mobile devices from the car cigarette lighter hole.
GRATEQ USB car charger supports both PPS and PD -fast charging.
GRATEQ USB car charger is 12/24V compatible and GS/TUV, CE and RoHS approved.